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The photograph of a protocol sheet, twelve lines with a slightly uncertain handwriting and some additions. The conclusion of a class test which talks about how football champions Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can be a source of inspiration for the very young. On the side, merciless, the vote: 1. The shot was published by Nora Foggiatoprofessor of the De Nicola institute of Piove di Sacco (Padua), on his Facebook profile. No names or data that can lead to the identity of the pupil, but the post caused a shower of comments and yesterday the screenshots began to spread through mobile phones.


The publication dates back to the other day and in support of the photograph the teacher wrote “Difficult decision that will have serious consequences”. To explain what pushed her to make the student’s paper public was she herself, through a comment: «The pupil is 20 years old and attends the last year. In three months he will have to face the state exam and then look for a job. Well: he copied a theme played by the internet. Syntax or grammar errors have a relative value in the face of a fact of this gravity. We are not talking about a fragile teenager, but about an adult unable to take responsibility ».
So the student would have copied the theme, but was discovered. A fact that, as per the institute’s regulation, involves the grade 1.

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Faced with the copying test, the teacher would therefore have correctly applied the provisions of the school. The test in class, however, is a confidential act: even a parent should make a request for access to the documents if he wants to see the child’s topic, so the problem lies in having made the document public, even without names.
Foggiato, questioned by telephone, declined to comment on what had happened.
The director of the De Nicola institute remained stunned, Caterina Rigato, on hearing the news yesterday afternoon. “I knew absolutely nothing about it, no one had told me about this episode – commented the principal – So for the moment I can’t enter into the merits of the story because the first fundamental step will be to ascertain if and what exactly happened, I will take care to shed some light “.

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Equally surprised was he Roberto Natale, manager of the territorial administrative unit of Padua and Rovigo of the regional school office. He too was unaware of the fuss raised by the post. “I was not aware of it, so now in the first place it will be up to the institute to start the investigations of the case to make it clear what happened. As happens with any other internal investigation, if disciplinary requests emerge, the report to our offices will be triggered. For the specific case all this is obviously premature ». “In general, however, I want to appeal to the importance of keeping the work and private spheres separate, especially in the very delicate context of the school – concluded the administrator – A distinction that today, in the world of the internet, risks being lost in all areas “.


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