By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read Thank you for letting us know. I’m personally using Lightshot because it works so well and it’s so easy to use, but I’m going to reconsider it. Or at least block its access to internet.

A general chemical kinetics program is described for complex, homogeneous ideal-gas reactions in any chemical system. Its main features are flexibility and convenience in treating many different reaction conditions. The program solves numerically the differential equations describing complex reaction in either a static system or one-dimensional inviscid flow. Applications include
ignition and combustion, shock wave reactions and general reactions in a flowing or static system.

An implicit numerical solution method is used which works efficiently for the extreme conditions of a very slow or a very fast reaction. The report includes a description of the theory and the
computer program, including a complete users manual. Information on obtaining the program may be obtained from the authors.

Well, that is concerning. I have used it but only shared once or twice, otherwise I always download my screenshots. Not sure if that is better.

I had been using Lightshot, a screenshot app for windows for a while now. It has a feature in which you can upload the screenshot to the cloud and can share a link with someone. I was thinking all the time that this is a unique link very hard to guess. One day I tried to change a few digits and shockingly every iteration I made had a valid screenshot available.

Here is an example: is a valid screen shoot.,

Screen Shoot Here:

Similarly these are also valid. Just keep changing one digit and you get it all. I was able to get screenshots of people’s private data like emails, phone number, address etc.


Download NASA PDF: Here

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