Pride blows up the demonstration in Oslo

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fullscreenPride cancels Monday night’s scheduled demonstration in Oslo following this weekend’s fatal shootings. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB / TT

The organizer Pride Oslo has decided to cancel a scheduled event in Oslo on Monday evening.

The announcement will then be advised by the police to carry out the rally for safety reasons.

The demonstration would be held in Rådhusplatsen in central Oslo to honor the victims of the deadly shootings over the midsummer weekend.

Initially, both the Oslo city council and organizers said the demonstration could take place safely.

But on Monday afternoon, police warned not to hold the rally:

– We cannot guarantee security. Therefore, we recommend that it not be implemented, said Martin Strand, chief of staff of the Oslo police at a press conference.

The threat picture is still considered “extraordinary,” according to the PST Security Service.

– The threat we face is still valid and therefore we cannot recommend carrying out (the demonstration), continued Martin Strand.

The decision was confirmed by Inger Kristin Haugsevje of Oslo Pride:

– I have received confirmation from those representing the various organizations that the event in Rådhusplatsen will be canceled.

The mass shooting on Saturday night led to the cancellation of the grand pride parade on the same day for security reasons. Oslo Pride then announced that a demonstration in Rådhusplatsen will be held on Monday evening against violence, in support of victims and diversity.

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