Philips 4K Smart TV with 140W soundbar: the offer is not to be missed – RB

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Philips 4K Smart TV with Soundbar 99 W : the offer is not to be missed – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of Philips 4K Smart TV with soundbar 99 W: the offer is unmissable – RB here.

Philips 4K Smart TV with soundbar 140 W: the offer is not to be missed – RB

Philips 4K Smart TV with Soundbar 99 W : the offer is not to be missed – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Philips 4K Smart TV with Soundbar 140 W: the offer it’s not to be missed – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Philips 4K Smart TV with Soundbar 140 W: the offer is not to be missed – RB


This Amazon offer solves the first problem of modern Smart TVs in an economic way: the audio section is not up to the video one

20 January 2022

The technology with which the Smart TV are made, in recent years , has made giant steps with regard to the video component. But as far as audio is concerned, unfortunately, technology cannot work miracles: the integrated speakers in modern televisions offer significantly lower audio quality than the video quality offered by TV.

The reason is simple, clear and by now well known: there is too little space , in such thin devices, to insert speakers capable of reproducing sound with high quality. The consequences are equally well known: low-bodied bass and difficult dialogue to follow in the most complex scenes, especially in action films. Finally, the solution is also known: add a soundbar to the TV , which is the simplest external audio system to manage but more effective if you don’t want to spend too much. Amazon knows all this very well and, in fact, now proposes a ‘Unmissable offer: the Smart TV Philips 4K Ambilight 50PUS7805 from 50 inches combined with a soundbar , also by Philips, from 140 Watt. All at a very discounted price .

Philips 4K with soundbar 140 W: characteristics

The products included in the offer, therefore, there are two : the Philips Smart TV 50PUS7805 and the Philips Audio B soundbar 6305 / 10. The TV is a model of 50 inches, with LED technology, 4K resolution and refresh from 60 Hz. This is a good TV with direct lighting, compatible with HDR content 10 + and Dolby Vision.

Good supply of ports, with two USB and three HDMI, while only the audio part is sufficient, with a total power of just 20 W stereo. But the problem does not arise, given the additional soundbar .

The smart part of the TV is managed by the proprietary operating system Saphi OS , for which there are almost all the popular streaming apps. The TV is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and can be operated with voice commands.

Coming to the soundbar, however, it is a 2.1 system with two speakers integrated into the bar (just 3.5 centimeters high) and an external subwoofer, connected via Bluetooth (so no wires in the middle of the living room). The overall power is good, equal to 140 watt, and the connection to the TV can be made via Bluetooth or via one of the HDMI ports.

Philips 4K with soundbar 140 W: the Amazon offer

With this offer , Amazon has basically put two products together much appreciated and purchased in a single kit to see, and hear, TV and streaming content in more than good quality.

Clearly the price of the two devices is higher than that of a simple Smart TV with integrated audio only and, for this reason, Amazon offers the kit with the discount : the Philips 4K Smart TV 50 inch son external soundbar from 140 W costs in fact 698, 99 EUR (-120 EUR, -14%) . Not bad for two Philips products.

Smart TV Philips 4K 50 pollici son soundbar esterna da 140W

Philips 4K Smart TV 50 inches son external soundbar 140 W

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