Peter Thiel invested $1.5m in right-wing dating app ‘The Right Stuff’

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Peter Thiel invested $1.5m in right-wing dating app ‘The Right Stuff’
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Peter Thiel invested $1.5m in right-wing dating app ‘The Right Stuff’

In 2022 it’s as easy to use an app for dating as it is to order up a cheeseburger; and just as specifications such as “extra ketchup” can be made for the latter, “extra conservative” can now be requested for the former.

The rise of apps catered towards lonely-hearts with specific tastes in bedfellows has brought about Raya — a private, membership-based network for celebrities and non-famous rich people, Christian Mingle — for those who’d prefer to pray and play, and now The Right Stuff — a dating app for right-wingers who would hear Beyoncé’s call to swipe “to the left, to the left” and shudder.

Developed by Ryann McEnany, the sister of former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, The Right Stuff is backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, who invested $1.5m into the project, according to The Guardian. Although Thiel himself identifies as a gay man, The Right Stuff is marketed towards ultra-conservative heterosexuals only.

“I’ve gotta tell you about something I’m so excited to announce,” McEnany says in a promo video for The Right Stuff. “A dating app for all of us conservatives . . . What I love most about it is that it’s invite only, so not just anyone can join. First of all, it’s free to use, and for my ladies, you’ll never have to pay . . . Gentlemen, if you want access to premium, that’s on you. And by the way, those are the only two options: ladies and gentlemen.”

Shortly after launching on September 30, The Right Stuff was pummeled with bad reviews. According to Gizmodo, users complained “that the app is short on women, that the invite-only system makes it impossible to actually join, and that answering a profile prompt about January 6 led to contact from law enforcement.”

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