Personal report from the front: the defense essentially collapsed at Klishchiivka

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

The soldier who wrote the report was reportedly evacuated along with two of his comrades on Wednesday after a Ukrainian tank fired at their position, leaving each of them with concussions.

Based on his description, the fighters had already held their position for 24 hours, while they were fired upon by all manner of weapons, from conventional artillery to cluster bombs.

When they requested artillery support to repel the Ukrainian attack, their command claimed they were out of artillery ammunition.

The soldier, excusing his own retreats, also wrote that the Chechen “Ahmat” unit already left the area on Tuesday, and the 42nd division on Wednesday, while around 800 deserters are hiding in the forest strip near the village. His unit was among the last to leave the village.

However, the personal account was not confirmed by other sources (neither Ukrainian nor Russian).according to official and semi-official information, the battles for the two settlements and their districts are still not over, and the Russian troops are showing fierce resistance.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image credit: Serghei Malii via Getty Images

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