Pastor John Hagee Says an Israel-Palestinian Peace Deal Will Be the Work of the Anti-Christ

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Who thought it was a good suggestion to have him converse at Tuesday’s pro-Israel rally?

As tens of hundreds of Americans had been heading towards the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Tuesday to attend a rally professing assist of Israel, an issue erupted over the look of a specific speaker: John Hagee, the pastor of an evangelical megachurch in Texas. The head of an influential group referred to as Christians United for Israel, Hagee made nationwide information in 2008 when Sen. John McCain, the GOP presidential nominee, was compelled to disavow his endorsement after anti-Catholic remarks Hagee had made had been publicized. (He ultimately apologized.) Hagee additionally has been a zealous foe of homosexual rights and claimed Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment in opposition to New Orleans for internet hosting a homosexual delight parade. 

So when phrase hit that he was on the line-up for Tuesday’s occasion, different supporters of the rally raised hell. Hadar Susskind, the head of Americans for Peace Now, an endorser of the demonstration, declared, “I am horrified that he was given this platform. His history of hateful comments should disqualify him from decent company, much less from speaking on stage. He is not welcome and should not speak.” And J Street, one other liberal Jewish American group, stated, “A dangerous bigot like Hagee should not be welcomed anywhere in our community. Period.”

This opposition was pushed by Hagee’s earlier anti-Catholicism and homophobia. But there was one more reason why Hagee was an odd selection as a speaker: He claims that an inevitable peace accord between Israel and Palestinians will probably be the work of the anti-Christ—actually.

Hagee, who at the rally led the crowd in a chant of “Israel, you’re not alone,” has lengthy maintained that he doesn’t settle for the notion that by supporting Israel, evangelical Christians can someway hasten the finish of days. “Christian support of Israel is based on the promises of God in Scripture that affirm a future for the Jewish people and God’s continued faithfulness to that nation, not on prophecies regarding the end times or speeding the return of Christ,” his organization says.

But Hagee is a giant believer in End Times Christianity and preaches that, in keeping with the Bible, in some unspecified time in the future the anti-Christ will arrive, Jesus and the lifeless will rise, the rapture will ensue (lifting the actually trustworthy into air and towards heaven), and that everybody left behind will witness years of destruction, disasters, and absolute distress. Hailing Jews as God’s “chosen people,” Hagee asserts that Israel performs a vital function on this grand finale. Not surprisingly, Hagee sells books and movies wherein he explains all this in nice element primarily based on biblical passages.

In a sermon he delivered in March, Hagee laid out the Big Picture and defined how the battle between Israel and Palestinians matches into this. He rambled a bit. He famous that biblical prophecy is obvious that in this closing conflagration, 5 armies will invade Israel. They will probably be led by Russia and Iran and likewise embrace forces from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Turkey. He didn’t say how this unlikely alliance can be fashioned. But, don’t have any worry, he advised his parishioners, God—offended about the removing of prayer from colleges, abortion, the separation of church and state, and the general immorality of the world—will “smash this force” to guard Israel and kill 5 out of each six of its troopers. 

Pastor John Hagee - "The King of the North"Pastor John Hagee – “The King of the North”

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