Online invoice: NAV has extended a deadline

By RockedBuzz 1 Min Read

From this date on, inadequate data provision will no longer be successful in the system, therefore it is necessary to ensure that the required data provision is established as soon as possible – draws attention to the National Tax and Customs Office.

The NAV decided on the postponement based on the evaluation of developer feedback and the analysis of the received online account data services. Since the new validation is also necessary for the proper functioning of the eVAT system, the activation cannot be postponed any longer.

The new ERROR message, which aims to unify data services and increase data clarity, can be tested since February 9, 2023. Taxpayers and developers of invoicing programs have more information about the planned change source they could also find out.

The modified, current interface specification of the Online Invoice system is available in Hungarian and English for the Online Invoice test system on its surface and the on GitHub – concludes NAV’s announcement.

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