One controller and three aircraft with HEAD status

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At the event it describes, was to take place on April 22 at 4 in the morning. One of the controllers entrusted the task to a colleague who had to work in the SOP, which is the one-man mode. According to this is no exception. The portal recalls that on 13 April the management of the Polish Agency for Air Navigation Services committed to minimize the SOP mode.

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Report from Jasionka Airport. “SPO operating mode is still forced”

In the report described by the journalists, we read that “the operating methods of the SOP are still forced”. “It is all the more incomprehensible, given the critical role currently played by Rzeszów airport and the traffic congestion that the Rzeszów-Tower organ has to face” – it reads.

The document describes that the data controller has transferred the assignment to the substitute “according to the schedule previously prepared by the superior”. “At the time of the handover to TMA Rzeszów, there was an IFR entrance [loty wykonywane według wskazań przyrządów – red.]. Three IFR starts were scheduled between 02:15 and 02:30 UTC, all with status HEAD “- it was written.

HEAD status means that the most important government officials – the president, the prime minister, the president of the Sejm or the Senate or their foreign counterparts – are on the plane.

Officially: there is an agreement between PANSA and the controllers

The controller resigned from the break

In the report, the auditor stated that “weather conditions were gradually deteriorating (cloud bases, visibility), which necessitated the initiation of the LVP preparation procedure and hence the introduction of the LVP”. LVP is an acronym that refers to the procedures that are introduced in the event of adverse weather conditions. Therefore, as we read, “it was necessary to inspect the lighting of the maneuvering area by the electrician on duty”. The next part of the report shows that the controller who transferred the assignment decided to leave the break.

“Taking into account the above and the awareness of reduced concentration (in connection with the early morning hours), together with the TWR Controller [kontroler wieżowy – red.] I have decided to resign from the required break and to continue working as an Assistant to the Central Committee [jako drugi kontroler – red.] until about 03:30 UTC “- we read in the document describing

PANSA accepted some of the controllers’ requests, but the talks did not end there

Agreement with the data controllers by 10 July

An agreement was reached on air traffic controllers on Thursday. The decision was announced during the session of the parliamentary subcommittee on air transport. The agreement will be valid for two months, until 10 July. It means that the controllers will not quit their jobs on May 1st, and therefore there will be no need to introduce air traffic restrictions from that date.

The agreement covers working and safety conditions as well as the amount of the salary. Talks on final solutions will continue.

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