Olivia Culpo admits she’s ‘trying to have fun’ with social media: ‘There’s a lot of pressure to get involved’

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Being in the spotlight can be tough, something Olivia Culpo she knows this all too well, which is why she’s strategic what he posts online.

“That’s a good point. There’s a lot of pressure to put yourself out there in any capacity. You’re opening yourself up to a lot of criticism and also signing up for a lot of accountability in what you put out there and how it affects other people There are a lot of thoughts that go into putting your life online. With social media these days, I’m just trying to have fun. You have to keep in mind that it’s not real life. And if you can make it fun, then go for it. If not can you, then censor yourself from it, because it can sure be very inundating,” the 30-year-old said People.

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Although Culpo is a supermodel, she is dabbling in other pursuits, like performing The Masked Singer.

“I love to sing and wanted to do something that was outside of my comfort zone. I started playing cello when I was 6. When I wasn’t into band or orchestra or All State or chamber music, traveling all over the world place for that, I was in musical theater and choir. I love to sing. My whole family, we still sing together as a group of carolers. I just wanted to have fun. And that’s what The Masked Singerthat’s all,” he said of why he decided to join.

“I couldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t tell my brothers. My family can’t keep a secret, so I really had to keep it hidden. And that’s a lot of time. It really takes up a good part of your day. I was there from 9 in the morning until 9 at night most days I was in,” she said.

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As for whether the brunette girl will enter music going onhe said it’s not out of the realm of possibility!

“As for the cello, I still play quite a bit. It just isn’t taken that much. I think classical music needs some kind of revival, but it would be nice to be able to incorporate more of it. It would definitely be fun for me,” he said. declared.

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