Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro Review: Effective even without streaks

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Solid performance, effective in cleaning debris Long operating time, fast recharging Large debris capacity


On the expensive side It’s not the most attractive appliance

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Ofuzzi’s high-end pool cleaning robot offers plenty of power, but it comes with a price to match.

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The Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro is an expensive pool cleaning robot, but it’s also one of the most effective devices we’ve reviewed to date. And as of this writing, it’s available for $100 off its $400 list price.

Like most robotic pool cleaning robots, the Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro uses its rechargeable battery to move back and forth across the bottom of the pool, vacuuming up as much debris as it can until it runs out. It’s a sizable device, measuring 15 by 13 inches and weighing about 13 pounds. It becomes considerably heavier when you lift it out of the pool by its suspended, floating handle.

How big a pool can the Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro clean?

Designed to cover a maximum area of ​​1,076 square feet, the Cyber ​​1200 Pro is Ofuzzi’s high-end cleaner. It comes with a 6600mAh battery and a promised two-hour battery life. It is also equipped with a quick charge system, which allows the battery to be recharged in just three hours.

origin 1It’s not clear why Ofuzzi thought it was important to provide all these snazzy stickers to make its Cyber ​​1200 Pro robotic pool cleaner even more snazzy.


Before dropping the device into the pool, you’ll need to do some basic assembly work, including inserting a brush into the bottom of the device and installing a strange plastic paddle, Ofuzzi calls it a “wobble plate,” above the robot . I’m not entirely sure what function the wobble plate serves, but it appears to have something to do with helping the robot move in large arcs, letting it cover the bottom of the pool more effectively, depending on the shape and size. the size of your pool. As with most robot cleaners, you can change this path of motion directly by adjusting the nozzles on both ends of the robot to set it to a smaller or larger arc.

The Ofuzzi loads through a top-mounted feed port hidden under a rubberized screw cap that protects it when submerged. Putting this hood on and off is a little difficult (and prone to coming free from its cord), but it’s handy to have the power port mounted on top of the robot. The device is turned on and off via a dial surrounding the power input port. Another lighted ring gives you a quick look at how the unit is doing while in the water: green forever, red if there’s a problem, and so on.

Is Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro an effective pool cleaner robot?

origin 1The Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro has a large waste container and was very effective at cleaning the large pool in which we tested it.

Christopher Null/Foundry

The Ofuzzi has proven effective cleaning my 468 square foot pool, which has dimensions of 12 by 36 feet, with a small protruding leg to add another 6 by 6 feet at the shallow end. A test note: I recently started testing pool robots with artificial silk leaves to improve the consistency and repeatability of the tests. The Ofuzzi did well on that front, spending its full, promised two hours going through the bottom of my pool and picking up about 80 percent of the test leaves, mostly leaving debris in the deep end corners.

I noticed that the unit spent an inordinate amount of time running on the same piece of (clean) pool floor surface in the center of the pool for some time, but eventually the unit found its way out of the furrow and continued on his way. After reloading the device and doing a second run, it collected all but a single leaf of remaining debris. All in all, the unit put on a very good show that places it at or near the top of the devices I’ve tested to date.

While the Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro can be difficult to remove from the pool when dragging it by its tethered string, it at least drains quickly. Taking the unit apart for cleaning is a bit more cumbersome than other units I’ve tested; but again, I’ve encountered worse, and unlike some bots, the screen doesn’t have a particular front or back and can go either way, saving time and frustration. (It has a top and bottom, mind you.) A quick squirt of a garden hose on the inside and filter screen is all it takes to get the unit ready for refill and round two.

The Ofuzzi Cyber ​​1200 Pro is worth the money

Ofuzzi’s aesthetic may not be the most elegant, and the company bizarrely includes stickers in the box that you can use to make things even more garish, but the nearly all-white design at least gives you the option to select an accent color in one of the two blue or orange. The biggest drawback is the price. At $320, $80 off list price with currently available coupons, it’s still on the high side for pool robots. That said, its solid operational capability should be worth the modest additional outlay.

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