Official Echo Hub and Echo Show 8 (3rd gen): just one touch to manage home automation and Alexa

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Official Echo Hub and Echo Show 8 (3rd gen): just one touch to manage home automation and Alexa

Vezio Ceniccola

Vezio Ceniccola of 20 September 2023, 6.00 pm

Echo Hub And Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) they are the new Amazon devices designed for smart home. If the second is an evolution of the last generation, the first is a all new product and made specifically for the management of home automation and Internet-connected accessories. Obviously both support all the new features of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Let’s see together all the technical features and news of Echo Hub and Echo Show 8.

We remind you that they were also presented together with the new Echoes other devices Amazon capable of taking advantage of all the new features of Alexa: the new generation of Fire TV Stick 4K, the Ring Stick Up Pro.

Echo Hub

The great news of this new series of Amazon products is called Echo Hub. This is a real one control Panel for home automation (and not only), which connects directly to the wall or it rests on a table, and allows you to manage everything with voice and touchscreen.

The screen is in fact a very thin 8″ on which you can view various information and control Alexa features. For example, you can take a look at the weather widget, start Alexa routines, manage the surveillance cameras connected to your home and much more.

Echo Hub has connectivity support Zigbee, Threads, Bluetooth And Matter. The Internet connection can be made either via Wi-Fi or with a cable, using a PoE adapter (Power Over Ethernet) compatible.

The most interesting feature, however, is the AI ​​support adaptive content: thanks to the infrared sensor integrated on the front, the device activates the control panel display only when it recognizes that there is a person in front of the screen, while when there is no one there it shows photos or a clock.

echo hub 1 orig
echo hub 3 orig
echo hub 5 orig
echo hub 6 orig

Echo Show 8 (3rd gen)

The new smart display Echo Show 8 third generation it has a revised design compared to the previous model, with a more industrial style and softer curves.

It has a fabric cover and a glass frame around the display, which is an elegant one 8″ touchscreen to resolution HD.

Inside has been inserted a new processor of the latest generation, which is capable of processing the requests to the Alexa voice assistant locally: in this way, the management of home automation is optimized and the responses are 40% faster compared to the previous generation.

However, performance is not the only improved aspect. Echo Show 8 is in fact more capable in many other areas: it has a new 13MP centered camera which improves video calls; superior audio with noise sensing technologyacoustics of the space; integrates native support for Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth and Matter technologies.

Furthermore, as on Echo Hub, the third generation Echo Show 8 is also supported adaptive content. Thanks to facial recognition (visual ID), each user can set their own preferences for the widgets displayed on the screen.

echo show 8 1 orig
echo show 8 2 orig
echo show 8 5 orig
echo show 8 3 orig
echo show 8 4 orig

Price and Exit

The new products of the Echo ecosystem are already in pre-order on Amazon Italy. The official prices are equal to 199.99 euros for Echo Hub e 169.99 euros for the third generation Echo Show 8, available in Ice White and Anthracite colours.

We also know that the new Echo Show 8 will be shipping starting from October 25, 2023, while there is no precise date for the start of delivery of the Echo Hub. Below you will find the links to go to the respective Amazon pages.

Echo Hub

Echo Hub


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Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8


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