‘Off the deep end’: Alex Jones trashes defamation trial judge

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‘Off the deep end’: Alex Jones trashes defamation trial judge
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‘Off the deep end’: Alex Jones trashes defamation trial judge

InfoWars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones continued his maligning of presiding Travis County, Texas District Court Judge Maya Guerra Gamble on Wednesday night not long after his defamation trial adjourned.

The drama between Jones and the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre victims ballooned earlier in the afternoon when the plaintiff’s lawyer Kyle Farrar revealed that Jones’ defense attorney Federico Reynal had accidentally sent him the contents of Jones’ phone. That mishap immediately raised suspicions that Jones had perjured himself in prior testimony.

Gamble even accused Jones of violating his oath to tell the truth. By the evening, Jones had become incensed.

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“And she said, ‘I’m gonna instruct the jury that you’re a liar tomorrow.’ I mean, it’s unprecedented. This – you ordered my lawyer to violate attorney-client privilege and tell her about our private conversations, which is just unprecedented. I mean, this is like a tour-de-force of how to violate people’s rights,” Jones said in a phone call. “It’s unbelievable and I just feel sorry for everybody, including these whackjob leftists and lawyers and the judge and they are all just over the deep end and have no idea what they’re doing. She also made this really weird statement where she said, ‘you believe everything you say is the truth.'”

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