Objects are stolen, not people – RB

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Objects are stolen from people not – RB

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Objects are stolen from people no – RB

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Objects are stolen from people not – RB

The transitive verb steal refers to that action of stealing objects or money owned by others , with cunning, subterfuge and deceptions, of appropriating and seizing by illicit means and ways of things (objects and goods) that belong to others. Di cheat them. The word steal is about things, not people. Because the former are stolen, the latter not.

A necessary premise, ours, for to explore the origins of a common thought that concerns us all and that translates into the expressions we use most when we are betrayed or have the feeling that this could happen at any moment.

We were all afraid that the newcomer might cheat our best friend, for example, or that a woman might steal our husband . And it is understandable to feel a sense of loss and insecurity , especially when we have experienced the betrayal on our skin.

“My boyfriend stole” , we said. As if by doing so we feel our right to avenge the act of stealing an object that belonged to us, but which in reality was not ours by right. Because things are bought for an economic consideration, and even earlier through bartering, but people don’t. That’s why cannot be stolen .

Of course, blaming someone else, a thief who took away the person we cared about most, is easy. But the truth is, people come and go, in and out of our life. It is their right to choose and act , just as it is for us and for everyone else. Nobody belongs to anyone, even if we have been promised, even if we have consciously chosen to share our life with someone who then passed away.

And it hurt , a lot. Especially if the trust I had placed in that person and in that relationship is shattered. Especially if there is a betrayal of the middle , another. The thief.

And then we get angry with him who “let himself be stolen”, but above all with her who came on purpose to steal something that we felt belonged to us, in the heart and on the skin. Our half of the apple . But people are not apples , because those who can be stolen.

And instead in those triangles that can sometimes turn into squares or even pentagons, no one is hired to steal, to cheat. Betrayal is consciously consumed with the choice of to keep the feet in more shoes while building a castle made of lies and lies ready to collapse at any moment. And when this happens it hurts, especially if we shared plans, dreams and wishes with the other person on a daily basis, while she did it with someone else.

Even when the misleading promises “Yours forever” and “Mine forever” , they seemed to reassure us of the other’s property. That was not the case, it never is. Because everyone will always choose to do what they want, to act as they want. And she won’t let herself be stolen by the first husband or boyfriend thief, because things are stolen , people consciously choose to leave .

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