No more Bing for ChatGPT: it pierced the paywalls!

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No more Bing for ChatGPT: it pierced the paywalls!

Antonio Lepore

Antonio Lepore of 04 July 2023, 21:39

In the last week the chatbot of Open AIChatGPT, has benefited from a new feature called “Browse with Bing” (dedicated exclusively to ChatGPT Plus subscribers). However, a few days later, the option has been discontinued because in some cases it allowed you to use some premium content for free. In short, Microsoft backpedaled that, during its annual developer conference “Builds 2023”had promised the implementation of Bing on the platform to improve the search experience.

This decision was made because OpenAI discovered that in some cases the new feature didn’t work quite right and could be used to bypass paid content paywalls. For example, as OpenAI itself indicated, it could happen that, upon request to view the complete text of an article from a URL, the request was satisfiedeven if the page was viewable only with an active subscription.

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So, on July 3, the company decided to disable the “Browse with Bing” feature.

About, OpenAI has stated that “As of July 3, 2023, we disabled the Browse with Bing beta feature as a precaution while we correct this issue to protect content owners. We are working to bring the beta back as soon as possible and appreciate your understanding!”

Finally, several users immediately noticed the bug and for this reason they did not hesitate to share – especially on Reddittips and tricks for bypassing these paywalls (including printing the text of a premium article via ChatGPT). To date, it is unknown if and when OpenAI will bring the feature back.

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