New year, new account: promotions on current accounts at the beginning of 2022 – RB

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New year, new account: promotions on starting current accounts 2022 – RB

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New year, new account: promotions on starting current accounts 2022 – RB

New year, new account: promotions on starting current accounts 2022 – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. New year, new account: starting current account promotions 2022 – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

New year, new account: promotions on initial current accounts 2022 – RB

Start the year with the ‘activation of a cheaper current account is a great way to get off to a good start: if your goal is to save, it is advisable to immediately take a look at the current account that best suits your needs.

Among the best promotions on current accounts , include those of online current accounts , tools for managing your money very easy to use and with who will be able to access solutions with no fee and other services included.

Let’s see below which are the online current accounts with which you can save more at the beginning of this new year, remembering that the opening of any type of current account is free by law.

Compare the best online current accounts

Unicredit current account

The online current account proposed by Unicredit is called My Genius : this is an account with which it will be possible to participate in the mixed prize event Coupons and Super Coupons . The advantages of the My Genius account undoubtedly include:

the monthly fee of 4 $ not charged; SEPA credit transfers and account transfers online free; the cost of issuing the My One card not charged for 7 $. The account includes:

the My One international debit card, with free fee, belonging to the MasterCard circuit; management through the multi-channel banking service, which includes banking via the Internet, via telephone and the app mobile banking. We recommend to subscribe a new current account in the period between 1 December 2021 and the 31 January 2022 : in this way you will have the opportunity to participate in the mixed prize event Coupons and Super Coupons , thanks to which you can receive an Amazon voucher worth 100 $ .

After opening your current account, you will need to perform the following operations by 30 April 2022:

credit the salary or pension to the new account; sign the contract relating to the international debit card MasterCard and activate it; you will then receive an Amazon voucher from 100 $ to the email address that was communicated to the Bank. In addition, you will have the opportunity to also participate in the extraction of 20 Super Shopping Vouchers , Idea Shopping voucher, del value of 6. 000 $ each .

Find out more about the Unicredit current account

Crédit Agricole current account

Crédit Agricole proposes a free online current account , which also includes the MasterCard debit, which is a debit card with a free fee, which can be used for all online purchases and to withdraw anywhere in the world.

Among the advantages of this current account, which can be easily managed from the dedicated application, we find:

free withdrawals at Crédit Agricole ATMs; free online SEPA credit transfers.

On the other hand, transactions such as:

the release of the credit card Nexi Classic, which has an annual fee of 40. 99 EUR; cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks, which have a cost of 2, 10 per single transaction ; SEPA transfers at the counter of the same bank, which cost 2 $; SEPA transfers at the branch of other banks, on which a fee of 2 is applied, 50 EUR. Find out more about Crédit Agricole’s online current account

Current account N 26

N 26 proposes a current account with fee, free withdrawals and transfers if credited at least 700 $ : if this requirement is met by 31 March 2022, you would be entitled to free fee forever .

In addition, you could take advantage of the following benefits:

debit card MasterCard N 26 free; free withdrawals at any branch in Italy; free instant ordinary wire transfers; cash deposit in more than 1. 000 supermarkets in Italy; functionality to save alone or with others. Activate the zero expense online current account of N 26

If you open your current account by 31 March 2022 with the promotional code N 26 ZERO , you may be entitled to the free fee under the following two conditions:

credit the salary or pay at least 700 $ per month on the new current account; use your debit card MasterCard N 26 at least once a month. The current account proposed by N 26 will also have the Italian IBAN and will therefore allow:

domicile its own households, such as light, gas or Internet; charge for any type of subscription, such as a TV streaming service; manage expenses and bills directly from the dedicated application connected to the current account, from which it will be possible to pay postal bills, MAV, RAV, PagoPA, car tax, and much more.

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