New videos have arrived of the amazing action of the Israeli commandos – The Bourne movies come to life

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

In the footage that was first launched, solely armed males wearing civilian and medical garments had been seen working by means of the hall of a hospital, however the new video exhibits the starting of the action.

The video additionally captures fairly amazing scenes: some of the commandos stroll into the hospital wearing unfastened ladies’s garments, and a person is pushed into the reception in a wheelchair.

It is especially spectacular when the “affected person” in a wheelchair is “healed” at the proper second, jumps up from his chair and is derived into action.

According to a press release by the IDF, the troopers killed three senior Hamas leaders, together with the spokesman for the terrorist group’s West Bank department, Muhammad Jalamneh. From a world authorized level of view, the action will in all probability trigger critical reactions, as the three extremists acquired medical remedy based mostly on out there info.

Cover picture: Israeli commando Sajeret Matkal in the West Bank in 2003. The cowl picture is an illustration, supply: Getty Images

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