New study reveals UK’s dream sofa

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News, New study reveals UK’s dream sofa: detailed suggestions and opinions about New study reveals UK’s dream sofa.

The UK’s most extravagant sofa has been designed – including double-decker functionality to house more people, a built-in fridge and a button to make the sofa change colour.

An artist’s impression also revealed a built-in popcorn machine for peckish people, and heated seats that will warm up backsides in the winter.

It comes after a poll of 2,000 adults revealed what their dream sofa would be, with totally stain-proof from anything pets, kids and spillages could throw at it a key attribute.

While 16% would like their ultimate couch to contain a built-in foot massager, and 13% long for a system which automatically dims the lights when it recognises you’ve nodded off in front of the TV.

Jennifer Fellows, customer insight manager at the sofa brand Sofology, which commissioned the research and put together the ambitious idea, said: “This elaborate sofa would probably cost an arm and a leg to build for real.

“But our team had a huge amount of fun mocking it up to combine everything Brits would like to see in the ideal sofa.

“Our expert designers are always looking to create innovative ideas for those perfect moments on the sofa, and this could be the world’s most elaborate piece of furniture yet.

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