New GDPR rules on the horizon

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Didier Reynders, the member of the European Commission responsible for justice, said at a press conference in Brussels when presenting the proposal: the new regulation establishes detailed rules to support the smooth operation of the cooperation mechanism established by the general data protection regulation and aimed at uniform application, and also harmonizes the existing rules in cross-border cases .

The regulation establishes specific procedural rules for the authorities in cases involving individuals residing in different Member States. For example, it imposes an obligation on the main data protection authority to send a summary of the most important issues to its partners, which contains the main elements of the investigation and its opinion on the matter. It will contribute to the reduction of disagreements and will promote the formation of a common position between the authorities from the initial stage of the procedure, he said.

For individuals, the new rules make it clear what they need to submit in the event of a complaint and ensure they are properly involved in the process. For businesses, the new rules clarify their right to legal proceedings when the data protection authority investigates possible violations of the General Data Protection Regulation. Thanks to the rules, cases can therefore be resolved more quickly, which means faster legal remedies and increases the legal certainty of businesses. Thanks to the new rules, cooperation between the data protection authorities will be smoother and the efficiency of enforcement will increase, Reynders emphasized.

The harmonization of procedural aspects will facilitate the timely completion of investigations and the guarantee of quick legal remedies for individuals, the EU Commissioner added.

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