Netflix wants to raise prices again

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Netflix wants to raise prices again

Vincenzo Ronca

Vincenzo Ronca of 03 October 2023, 5.30 pm

Netflix is ​​certainly one of the main players in the context of multimedia streaming. This applies globally, given the millions of subscribers it gathers around the world.

In the last year they have arrived important changes for Netflix subscribers (here you can find the best Netflix TV series), the company has applied a consistent fee strict on sharing of accounts, accompanying this news also with tariff increases. And precisely regarding the much hated increases there are some unpleasant news.

According to the latest information reported by Wall Street JournalNetflix is ​​planning to introduce new tariff increases for your subscription. Among the details shared again It is not understandable of which entity there will be increases, but an increase is certainly never pleasant.

At the moment, it seems that Netflix’s planned rate increase strategy will only concern the US market And Canadian. Or rather, the increases should start from these countries. It is not clear whether they will then be extended to the rest of the world.

This It’s not encouraging not even for us Italians. The previous round of tariff increases started right overseas, and then extend also in our parts.

The newly leaked increases are expected to be applied by Netflix after the end of the strike which is concerning the Hollywood actors. There is still no date for the end of this strike, but its end is on the horizon through an agreement between the parties involved.

This could mean one unpleasant Christmas gift for US and Canadian Netflix customers. We’ll see if it will also affect us Italian customers.


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