Nest Protect users still waiting for Google Home support

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Will Google’s Nest Protect smoke detector ever work with the Google Home app? That’s what Nest Protect users are asking themselves following Google’s most recent promise to bring the popular and well reviewed smoke alarm into the Google Home fold.

Owners of the Nest Protect have repeatedly asked Google if the smoke detector would ever be integrated into Google Home, the primary and recently updated app that manages Google’s various smart home products.

As it stands, Nest Protect users must use the legacy Nest app to configure and control the smoke alarm, meaning owners of the alarm who also have newer Nest products are stuck using two apps to manage their various Nest devices.

One thread on the Google Nest Community forum started as far back as December 2021, and it’s drawn more than 300 replies since.

Earlier this week, the thread jerked back to life when a Google Nest community manager entered the chat and offered a glimmer of hope to frustrated Nest Protect users.

“We can confirm that supporting Nest Protect in Home App is indeed on our roadmap,” the Google community manager wrote. “We understand that this has been a long desired capability and the team is fully committed to expanding Home App support to cover the much loved Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.”

But if the Google rep was hoping to add a little cheer to the lengthy support thread, that’s not quite what happened. The reason: Nest Protect users have heard promises of Google Home integration before.

Way back in 2020, Google told Nest Protect owners that their devices would appear in the Google Home app “in the coming months.” But those months eventually turned into years, and annoyed Nest Protect users are still waiting.

“Google’s home strategy is completely confused,” wrote one user. “Multiple apps managing different devices. We want one app, one brand. Sort it out Google, surely you have the cash.”

Google recently rolled out a redesigned version of its Home app and promised that its oldest, first-generation Nest cameras would finally be able to leave the Nest app behind and make the move to Home.

But for the Nest Protect, the wait for an eventual Google Home app migration continues.

First launched back in 2013, the Nest Protect smoke and carbon-monoxide detector got a revamp in 2015, and it’s that second-generation version that’s still on the market today.

Despite its age, the Nest Protect is still among the most highly regarded smart smoke detectors. In our 2017 Nest Protect review, we praised the alarm for its “clear and versatile alerts,” easy setup, and rapid smoke detection.

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