Nearly five thousand doctors indicated that they would remain a member of the medical chamber

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The vice-president also emphasized that the chamber was not completed, because according to him, “a strong, cohesive chamber of 5-10 thousand people can also be effective, and the events of the last two days are encouraging”.

Retired colleagues who are no longer active are asking to be admitted, Hungarian doctors working abroad would join as supporters, and we even received offers from our former/future patients for selfless help. Our goals included in the resolution at the National Assembly of Delegates will not change, the pressure will continue, we will continue to deposit the voluntarily accepted overtime contracts. If only a few thousand people do this, it is more than enough, said Péter Álmos.

We wrote earlier that the law on the abolition of mandatory medical chamber membership was presented on Monday and voted on by the parliament on Tuesday. Ethical procedures are also taken away from the organization.

In relation to the topic, it is the vice president of the IOC, Rita Lénárd on InfoRadio he talked about continuing their activities and building a strong organization, he said this after the parliament canceled the mandatory membership of doctors’ chambers on Tuesday. In the future, the Hungarian Medical Chamber will operate in a new, different form, Lénárd stated at the time.

Yesterday we reported that the new bill passed by the Hungarian Parliament and the manner in which it is submitted could be decisive from the point of view of the fulfillment of Hungary’s obligations – said the spokesperson of the European Commission to Népszava in connection with the adoption of the bill concerning the Hungarian Medical Chamber.


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