Mysterious sonic booms heard over UK – Air force alerted

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Air traffic control lost contact with a plane bound for Nairobi, Kenya, from Iceland, according to a statement issued by British police. After losing communication with the pilot, the Typhoon fighter-bombers of the British Royal Air Force stationed at Coningsby Airport were alerted, which eventually intercepted the errant flight and escorted it safely to Stansted Airport.

A spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense indicated that the Air Force has rapid response units available 24 hours a day to respond to all alerts. The task of such units is the interception of unidentified objects, or the safe escort of planes that do not communicate with either civil or military air traffic control.

The spokesman added that in such cases aircraft are given permission to exceed the speed of sound, which is what caused the sonic booms heard over Lincolnshire.

We have received several reports of the sound of a large explosion being heard in various parts of the city and county. We want to reassure you that there is nothing to worry about

tweeted the local police.

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