Most Popular Social Media Platforms (Update 2021)

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  • What Is Social Media?
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Snap Chat
  • Club House
  • Show your strength with social media RockedBuzz

Social media use, especially with the impact of the pandemic, began to increase rapidly all over the world…. Recreation, connect with friends, shopping and even to share with millions of people use social media to say that in order to make that possible. Experts in the coming period, especially social media platforms would occupy no more space in our lives, and businesses should be more active on these platforms are no longer says that.

Commercial businesses can take advantage of the situation if they are located many advantageous on social media platforms. But not everyone has a social media account before you can open the target audience in the most popular social media platforms to increase brand awareness and reach more people wants to learn about.

Most popular social media Platforms in this article, we will inform you about the social media platforms most commonly used. You, too, as both business as well as personally open an account on these social media platforms, you can increase your sales by reaching out to more people.
Most Popular Social Media Platforms (Current 2021)

What Is Social Media?

Social mediausers with each other simultaneously and double-sided media to share information in a way that allows a system is given. In short, when people enter into dialogue with each other over the internet and social media sharing, the whole system can be defined as.

Nowadays, there are many social media platforms that are used by people and brands. Writing some of these platforms, some visual content based on the platform and some of are videos.

Social media platforms are heavily used by some people while others are used a lot. Typically the most popular social media platforms are;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
  • Snapchat
  • Club House

These social media platforms we will inform you about the rest of our article.
What Is Social Media?


Most popular social media Platforms, we are going to share with you between the first social media platform Facebook.

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg implemented by a social media platform Facebook, and the business is being used by billions of people in the world. Nowadays, many people through this social media platform, with old friends and relatives, meeting new people, and engage with brands.

Facebook the most used social media platformsfor businesses because it is one of an important issue. Typically, brands can more easily reach their target audience through this platform, however, increase brand recognition and facebook through sales that you can make. In short, facebook emerges as a social media platform that can be used both personal and commercial.
Facebook The Most Popular Social Media Platforms


Launched in 2010 as a social media platform Instagram as a platform is known more visually based. Photo and video sharing social media platform and that you can do both to communicate and interact with people you interact with your favorite brands and you can use it to get ideas for specific topics.

Most popular social media Platforms located between Instagram is a social media platform known as be continued to develop since its inception. Instagram’s;

  • Stories
  • Live Broadcast
  • Shop Insta
  • IGTV

As such, it has many features that can be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Both individuals share both brands more impressive these features allows you to. Especially taking advantage of the features of Instagram and increase sales to businesses will have the opportunity to reach more people. Take advantage of these offers you a quick way to increase your sales, you can open an account and Instagram.
The Most Popular Social Media Platforms, Instagram


Most popular social media Platforms that takes place between another social media platform Twitteris. In 2006, Jack Dorsey, Bizz stone, Noah Glass and Evan Williams founded by a social media platform Twitter, a platform that hosts was made using shares 140 characters, but with the update, this character limit was increased to 280 characters.

Twitter users Tweet made by called to share. Users to share tweets that contains only the text in the video can share and visual as possible.

Twitter is a social media platform is constantly developed, in particular, provides significant advantages to businesses in commercial use. Both businesses have the opportunity to quickly increase brand recognition and sales by executing communication through Twitter.
Most Popular Social Media Platforms, Twitter


Video content that can be shared, which is a social media platform, Youtube is also the most used social media platforms among.

Founded by PayPal employees in 2005, this social media platform was bought by Google in 2006. Nowadays people can create their own YouTube channels, and is able to earn income by sharing the video. But people who are looking to make money on YouTube number of views of a specific subscriber and must be received in the duration.

For personal use, as well as a social media platform that is used by businesses are quite a lot YouTube. Usually businesses through this platform products, services and doing promotion campaign is to increase brand recognition and by informing the people in the audience.
Youtube Is The Most Popular Social Media Platforms


Tik Tok is a social media platform which is developed in China in 2015, social media is a platform that can run on devices with iOS and Android operating system.

Tiktok users, video creation, video editing, and social media is a platform that provides the opportunity to live. The most popular and fastest growing social media platform in a short time known as Tiktok, is used in many countries nowadays.

Personal social media platform Tik Tok usually made through this platform sharing may be considered as carrying out communications and accounts who gain a good position in many businesses and Tik Tok is located. You also open an account by making a Tik Tok for your business and shares your brand awareness and increase sales.Most Popular Social Media Platforms, TikTok


Launched in 2011, which is a social media platform Snapchat is an application developed for smartphones. Snapchat app is now available on devices with iOS and Android operating system. People who are using this social media platform Snapchat text, audio, video and photo-sharing capabilities.

Snapchat is the first time since social media is a platform which is quite popular and available all over the world.
Most Popular Social Media Platforms Snapchat


The year 2020 most popular social media platforms and was developed by another social media platform that takes place between the club househas. Club House invitation only using social media as a platform and voice chat can be kaydonula is known.

Club house them through this social media platform users are able to create custom groups and share information about specific topics of interest can chat and chat.Most Popular Social Media Platforms Clubhouse

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