More than a hundred thousand Hungarians can rejoice, a huge wage increase is coming

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The government announced at the end of last year that it intends to continue raising wages in the health sector. After the wage increase for healthcare workers in January 2022, from July 2023, nurses and those working in the non-medical fields of healthcare (economics, technology, financial accounting, etc.) can expect another basic wage increase.

After the professional consultations, the proposed increase in the basic salary for nurses is uniformly 18%. The Ministry of the Interior will submit the draft decree on this subject to social consultation, and professional consultations will also continue. The government’s decision is expected in May 2023, the announcement reads.

The government allocated HUF 50 billion for this year’s basic salary increase for nurses and healthcare workers. The December 2022 government decision also states that the basic wage increase will continue in March 2024 – the amount will be decided later.

According to the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior, the basic salary increase for nurses in July 2023 will be a uniform 18% and will affect nearly 84,000 healthcare professionals. This year, the government will spend HUF 41.5 billion on the nursing wage increase. This year, the government will provide HUF 8.4 billion for the wage increase of more than 24,000 people working in the non-medical fields of healthcare.

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