Military analyst: Russia is worried about the breakthrough in Ukraine, they are redeploying

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Analyst Sean Bell a For Sky News spoke of how the Russian frontline looks increasingly fragile as Ukraine makes slow progress through the village of Robotyne, south of Zaporizhia.

The Ukrainian advance comes despite significant Russian defense lines in the region and there is evidence that Russia responded by withdrawing troops from the offensive operation in the city of Kupiansk to strengthen its forces in the south – He told.

This suggests that they are very nervous about the breakthrough there. Although we do not see a breakthrough yet, there is increasing evidence that Ukrainian pressure is increasing on the increasingly fragile Russian frontline

Bell said.

Ukraine claimed to have captured Robotyn on Monday, and Kiev is understood to be seeking to push south of the village to the Sea of ​​Azov and split the Russian army.

The Russian problems are exacerbated by the fact that there is clearly a lack of interceptor radar systems Bell said. The radars allow Moscow’s troops to measure Ukrainian artillery guns as they fire, but without them, Russian forces face a serious problem on the front line.

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