Mendez investigates Felicia’s death

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One life, advances, episode 15 March

In today’s episode, Tuesday 15 March, of the Spanish soap opera “A life Aurelio, with the complicity of his sister Natalia, leads Anabel to a lonely place, the girl at first appears very annoyed then calms down, the Quesada knows what her weaknesses are and gives her the mare she is riding. Lolita is worried about what could happen to Antonito, finally their relationship is recomposing and the sudden departure of her husband, when the war is underway, does not reassure her. Mendez has left his post as commissioner and has come to Acacias to privately investigate Felicia’s death. Marcos wants to find out who poisoned his wife. Genoveva would like to go into business with Marcos and Aurelio but Bacigalupe refuses his investment. The Quesada to change his mind, reveals to Salmeron that in the past the man was a mercenary.

A lifetime, where we stayed

In the previous episodes of the soap opera “A life Casilda is suspicious, Soledad bought many elegant dresses for her saying she won the lottery, but the maid doesn’t believe it. Sabina is worried about Miguel and asks him what happens to him, the lawyer does not know how to deal with Camino’s inheritance, the grandmother does not understand where the problem is, Don Marcos has hired him to deal with the matter, he just has to indulge his client. The boy does not forget the complications he had to face with Quesada, they are two different cases but the client is the same and the lawyer does not agree on many things, especially on moral issues. Sabina points out to her nephew that it is not Don Marcos but Camino who needs her assistance and she cannot leave her alone to face the vultures of her husband’s relatives. Miguel is making a personal matter of it, it is difficult to work for Marcos since he is Anabel’s father and following Antonito’s suggestion he intends to end any working relationship with Bacigalupe. Sabina insists by pointing out to her nephew that we are not talking about the legacy of Don Marcos but that of Camino, but Miguel does not change his mind, he does not want to engage in a fight that he already knows he is losing, he does not want to outrage his moral principles. . Sabina reminds her that to safeguard her principles he transformed two delinquent grandparents into good people, what would become of her principles if she abandoned Camino, she would feel bad and guilty, so she has no choice but to take care of the case.

The Prime Minister has signed for Spain’s neutrality for the war, but Antonito is worried he must reach Mexico for a diplomatic mission and she is afraid to take the plane, even if she makes Lolita believe that she has to travel by train, the woman realizes that she is lying just so as not to worry her. Marcos and Aurelio celebrate because with neutral Spain they can sell arms to both nations of the conflict. Quesada intends to invest a lot of money as long as they put aside the rivalry that exists with Marcos. Daniela proposes to Sabina to include some Italian dishes in the menu, after tasting her Olmedo gives the green light. Susana is very happy, she informs Liberto that after completing some research, she is convinced that the man who married the Princess of Prussia is not her husband Armando. The nephew who knows the truth is unable to speak to his aunt despite Rosina inviting him to do so. Susanna is sure that her husband has not made any affront, while Liberto is convinced of the opposite but having no proof in hand, he postpones the conversation. Fabiana asks Jacinto why Indalesia instead of opening the shop spends a lot of time in the gatehouse, the man is vague in his answers, while the innkeeper fears that there is a sentimental story between the two.


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