Marella Levoni: “A salami to get to know us”

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According to Istat in the first 11 months of 2021 exports of Italian cured meats increased by 11.9% compared to the full year 2020. One of the protagonists of this international market is Levoni, present in over 60 countries.

“The interesting thing – says Marella Levoni, communication director of the Castellucchio (Mantua) company – is that from our observatory we are able to perceive, beyond the data, also changes in consumption, both internal and external. There is a kind of osmosis between Italian and foreign consumers, in an increasingly global market. “If, for example, the consumption of cured meats for breakfast rises in Italy, in the last five years foreigners have learned to know and appreciate more and more Italian cuisine and try – even in their homeland – authentic and faithfully reproduced dishes. “The best example is the guanciale – says Levoni – if in fact until a few years ago people prepared carbonara with pancetta or something else, now in Germany, there are some charcuterie shops that also hold four or five different types of pork cheek. ”

Greater awareness even within our borders where young consumers have more and more at heart the issue of sustainability and require to know every detail of the production, of the raw materials and also of the context in which it is produced. Levoni produces and distributes over 300 different types of cured meats obtained from pigs born, raised and processed in Italy, slaughtered at an age of about 10 months and a weight of 170 kg, to ensure the right maturity and quantity of fat for the meat. The variety of types of products represents the Italian territorial specificities, obtained with the same recipes for over a hundred years, the same care in making superior quality cured meats, but also with the ability to accompany their customers – who are mainly food shops – towards change, also by organizing days in the company of training, coaching and above all comparison between professionals.

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Levoni cured meats are distributed in over 10,000 points of sale in Italyand from this position the change is intercepted: “The pandemic then led to changes in consumption destined to remain, such as the rediscovery of neighborhood shops – they explain -. Consequently the world of the neighborhood shop is evolving to go meeting new needs: often also in conjunction with generational changes, the new shops become small wine shops and add the administration. At Levoni we are supporting our customers also in this step, for example we organize knife cutting courses “.

Cured meats are once again protagonists both at home, where they are no longer just the filling of a sandwich or the dinner saver but become fundamental ingredients of the recipes, and in the horeca sector (hotellerie-restaurant-café). Especially pulled by pasta, pizza and bread. “In our traditional recipes the salami is the protagonist, and in recent decades thanks to the great work done on the pizza, a high quality salami has become the perfect topping”.

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