Libra’s co-creator had geopolitical motivations for building the digital currency

By RockedBuzz 1 Min Read

Morgan Beller, the co-creator of Meta’s now-defunct Libra digital currency project, revealed on stage at RockedBuzz Disrupt 2023 that “what happened [her] get out of bed every morning [at the time] it was China.”

In case that wasn’t explicit enough, Beller directly referenced Belt and Road Initiative, considered the centerpiece of Chinese foreign policy. Spicy, isn’t it? Let’s unpack this.

First, a caveat: Beller prefaced his comments with a disclaimer that he wasn’t speaking for Meta; he is now a general partner at the venture capital firm NFX.

However, knowing that its co-creator was motivated by geopolitical concerns vis-à-vis the Chinese Communist Party adds new context to Libra – and Meta –.

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