Leos Lekland raises the price during Eid al-fitr: customers are furious

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Published: Today 29.11

Updated: Less than 1 hour ago

From 2 to 4 May, the company will pay attention to the Muslim holiday Eid al-fitr, raising prices.

Now customers are furious at the company’s actions.

– It appears that this is discrimination against Muslims, says the mother of three Sarwins.

Leos Lekland sent a message to their customers.

“During Eid al-fitr, from 2 to 4 May, the weekend price applies. Welcome! ”, Reads the company’s website.

This means that entry costs SEK 50 more during the Muslim holiday Eid al-fitr.

One of those who reacted was the mother of three, Sarwin, 42, from Västerås.

– I checked Facebook and saw that many of my friends wrote about it. I think it is very strange that Leos Lekland is raising the prices of him in those days, says Sarwin.

fullscreenSarwin, 42, is one of several customers who reacted to the price increase of Leos Lekland under Eid al-fitr. Photo: private

“It looks like discrimination”

Days when Eid al-fitr is celebrated are not marked red in Sweden. Nor are they marked as holidays in the Swedish calendar. Despite this, Leos Lekland has decided to have the same price as a holiday for memberships of him under Eid al-fitr.

– It will be very expensive for all families with children who want to go there during the week. I think of all the Muslim children who might want to celebrate the holiday there. Will they then have to pay extra for it? Sarwin says.

Also remember that Leos Lekland announced earlier this year that children who fled Ukraine will receive free admission.

– I think it was a great initiative. What I don’t understand is why should it be more expensive for Muslim children who want to celebrate their holidays? Many families are already struggling to make ends meet. This appears to be discrimination against Muslims, she says.

full screen Sarwin’s son Kian usually visits Leos Lekland frequently. Photo: private

It has aroused strong reactions on social media

On social media, the impending price hike has provoked reactions.

“We celebrate Eid al-fitr, he says. You almost think it should be an offer. Instead, you raised prices to weekend prices,” writes a customer on Leos Lekland’s Facebook page.

“This is another type of micro-aggression that Muslims have to live with on a daily basis. We are not allowed to take weekends or red days on our biggest holidays, but we have to pay weekend prices on weekdays,” writes one. other.

Some customers also write that they have reported the company to the Discrimination Ombudsman (DO), which works against discrimination and promotes equal rights and opportunities.

Sarwin says that she and her younger son usually visit Leo’s Lekland frequently. But after that, she’s not sure she wants to go anymore.

– In normal cases, we think Leos Lekland is a great place. But if they don’t have a good explanation for it, we won’t visit them again, Sarwin says.

Leos Lekland: “Weekend and holiday prices always apply on peak days”

Anders Forssten, marketing manager at Leos Lekland, says this is a “misunderstanding”. Weekend and holiday prices always apply on peak days.

“The weekend or holiday price applies to, for example, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Eid al-Fitr, May 1st, National Day and so on,” he writes in an email.

“The price is influenced by the demand and capacity of the playgrounds,” he further writes and points out that the number of customers is usually higher during the holidays.

“The current price for the next two weeks is always available on the website so that you can choose the day and price that best suits each family,” he writes in conclusion.

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