Leo, Pisces, Cancer: your horoscope for Monday, December 6, 2021!

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Leo, Pisces, Cancer: your horoscope for Monday, December 6 2021!, Love, health, work… What do the stars have in store for you today? Find out your daily horoscope.

Leo As a couple, you are not ready to indulge in conjugal illusions. But on the other hand, your sensuality and your desire to love are suddenly awakened. Single, an untimely love at first sight could have unforeseeable consequences. On the professional side, if you’re unhappy with your current situation, don’t rush. Opportunities will soon present themselves. No need, therefore, to make hasty and premature decisions.

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Pisces More than ever, you attach great importance to your life as a couple, and you keep giving new proof of attachment to the person you love. For singles, the commitments they make this time aren’t easy to break, so better not to make empty promises. On the health side, On the one hand, you go through moments of enthusiasm and your tone is on the rise. But it also risks causing a sudden drop in voltage. Just fill up on vitamin supplements and get more sleep: you will quickly regain your balance.

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In video, twelve resolutions to keep fit and smile all year round Cancer As a couple, you need to establish an authentic dialogue with your spouse or partner. Hugs, okay; but it is not only the body, there is also the spirit, you are convinced of that. Single, you have a great desire to fall in love and have the chances of making the meeting of your dreams. On the financial side, there is a certain dynamism in the circulation of money: you touch it and give it. You may be spending more on other people than on yourself, but that makes you happy. Very clear luck in money and games of chance; don’t forget to check your lucky number for the day.

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