Lega MEP Stefania Zambelli under investigation for fraud in the EU, 170,000 euros of assets seized

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League MEP is under investigation for EU fraud Stephanie Zambelli.

The Carroccio exponent is suspected of fronds together with four of her assistants.

Lega MEP Stefania Zambelli under investigation for EU fraud

The judiciary in Brussels has announced that it has seized over 170,000 euros of assets owned by the Lega MEP, Stephanie Zambelli, and to four of his assistants. The seizure was ordered as part of an alleged fraudperpetrated against the European Union.

In particular, the investigation focuses on the suspicion of fraud of the European budget in relation to the salary of four parliamentary assistants hired in Italy but who would not have carried out any of the activities associated with the functions for which they had been hired or would have carried them out only partially, falsely documenting their respective duties in the European Parliament.

More than 170 thousand euros of goods seized

The motivation for the investigation into Zambelli was indicated in a statement released by power of attorney European general. The indictment claims that the four assistants also falsified their qualifications “declaring professional qualifications and skills that they do not possess”.

Furthermore, it seems that the Carroccio MEP is close relative of at least one of the four assistants and is, therefore, suspected of having benefited firsthand from their income.

It is, specifically, a Milan ultra, Marco Pacinipartner of the Northern League exponent’s daughter.

With regard to the seizure of the 170 thousand euros, this also involved current accounts and luxury cars and was carried out on 23 February by the Italian Guardia di Finanza.

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