Leaked: there may be a price increase on trains, buses and HÉVs

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The newspaper learned that the instructions to increase ticket prices were also received by MÁV-Start, GYSEV, Volánbusz, MÁV-HÉV and several smaller transport companies. According to the information, the ticket prices will change as follows:

  • for distances of 0-10 kilometers HUF 400 instead of HUF 250,
  • 450 HUF instead of 310 HUF for distances of 10-15 kilometers,
  • for distances of 15-20 kilometers HUF 500 instead of HUF 370,
  • 550 HUF instead of 465 HUF for distances of 20-25 kilometers,
  • finally, the price of tickets for sections of 25-30 kilometers will be HUF 600 instead of HUF 560.

The Ministry of Construction and Transport (ÉKM) wrote to the newspaper:

“Since the introduction of national and county passes, the tariff system has been continuously reviewed, in which further changes are expected in the future. However, this does not increase the price, but provides an overall simpler and more unrestricted access to services, which we will soon inform the public about.”

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