Leaked: Joe Biden authorizes training of Ukrainian pilots for F-16s

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According to the report, the US president announced at the G7 leaders’ meeting in Hiroshima that he had approved the training, which is expected to take place in Europe in the coming months.

At the same time, Joe Biden indicated that in the coming months, during the training, the necessary decisions will be made about when, in what quantity and which countries will provide the fourth generation fighter jets to Ukraine for the battles.

On Friday, we reported that the Biden administration had given permission to the United States’ European allies to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter-bombers.

The White House made this decision because the US Congress kept the president under constant pressureciting that the increased activity of the Russian air force poses an increasing threat to Ukraine.

At the same time, CNN also points out that none of Ukraine’s supporters has yet indicated through official channels that they would like to give F-16s to the besieged country, and the United States still does not want to give its own fighter-bombers to Kiev.

Recently, with the participation of Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, an “F-16 coalition” was created, the purpose of which is to get European countries to get the forces of Kiev from American fighter-bombers. Among the states of the coalition, only the Netherlands has F-16s in service, but Washington has not yet received an export request from them either.

In Europe, F-16s are currently used by the Belgian, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian air forces.

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