Large-scale mosquito control is taking place in Hungary

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It was announced: along the Danube, land clearing is being carried out in the settlements of the Szigetköz, the Danube bend, Mohács and the surrounding villages. The protection against mosquitoes affects the area around Csorna, Tata, many settlements in the counties of Baranya, Tolna and Zala, as well as the area of ​​Szolnok.

They recalled that in the past few weeks, in addition to the biological control of the larvae, there was also the need for an organized control of biting mosquitoes in many areas of the country. Mosquitoes that have already grown are protected by ground spraying within the settlements. In most areas, the so-called ULV process is used, during which the equipment mounted on the vehicle breaks the preparation into small droplets, of which a little more than half a liter is distributed per hectare – it was explained.

Added: technology does not significantly interfere with traffic, as the resulting spray cloud is only slightly detectable, compared to the less frequently used warm fog method.

They also touched on the fact that many species of mosquitoes lead a particularly close-to-human lifestyle, and insects appear in large numbers in our living environment after rainy periods. The population can also do a lot to eliminate mosquito habitats, information on what to do around the house can be found on the website of the National Center for Public Health.

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