Kylie Minogue is full of success at 50 after decades of pop music: ‘It feels like it was meant to be’

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Kylie Minogue he’s been releasing music for fifty years and, at 55, he’s at the top of his game.

From her 1987 cover of “The Loco-Motion,” to her 2001 smash “Can’t Get You out of My Head” and her 2023 hit “Padum Padum,” the Australian pop singer is no stranger to the industry pop. In recent months, however, Minogue has shown that she isn’t done churning out hits.

And he’s making sure he soaks it all in.

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Kylie Minogue said the success of “Tension” “feels like it was destined to happen”.

Minogues’ latest album Voltage, which was released on September 22, is his highest-charting work in the United States Scoreboard 200 in the ranking (reaching number 21) since 2010 Aphrodite it rose to number 19 in 2010.

“It’s been a lifetime of work. There’s a lot of people, a lot of love, ups and downs and everything,” he said Scoreboard at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles on October 4. “I think I love him more than I ever have.”

The new album features the songs “Padus Padus” AND “Voltage,” which are popular with both longtime and new fans (especially on TikTok) — something Minogue said she finds “weird and wonderful.”

“I didn’t even stop to think about this while making this album, or even when it was going to be the first single, because it’s before ‘Padam’ and after ‘Padam,’” she said.

Minogue added: “To have this moment where it feels like it should be, but it wasn’t something I was aiming for, it’s so refreshing and amazing to have, once again, like in the ’80s, this multigenerational moment.” . It’s really beautiful and touching.”

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Kylie Minogue had already spoken of continued success in her fifties.

Previously, Minogue opened with People on the success of “Padum Padum” at 50. The singer was asked if there was a time when she thought another hit couldn’t happen for her.

“I’m trying to think about when, because this is all I’ve ever done, so as far as I’m concerned, I just keep moving forward. Sometimes it’s more successful than other times, but that thought has never crossed my mind. It’s it was projected onto me from the outside,” he told the publication.

Minogue added: “I remember a few years ago being in a lot of interview situations where I was asked, ‘At what age do you think it’s still OK to be in pop music, or to be sexy in pop?’ It was really embarrassing and I felt like I had to justify being there.”

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On the other hand, Minogue said she faced similar age-related skepticism when she was a teenager just starting out in music.

“Throughout all the decades of my career, there has been something, and here we are,” he said People. “I’m really proud to represent this moment, and guess what? The earth hasn’t given way and everyone is having a great time. This is my age. What can I do?”

He can embark on a residency in Las Vegas, that’s what! Minogue’s More than just a residencewill kick off Nov. 2 at Voltaire at The Venetian Las Vegas.

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