Kerry Washington talks about her eating disorder: ‘The body dysmorphia, the body hatred, it was out of my control’

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In his memoir, Denser than water, Kerry Washington he talked about his struggle with a eating disorder — something he didn’t talk about publicly until recently.

“I never wanted to share my private life for the sake of fame or for the sake of attention,” she said said Good morning America‘S Robin Roberts on September 24th. “But I feel like this sharing has a purpose.”

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Kerry Washington detailed her struggles with an eating disorder in college.

Things were especially difficult for Washington in college when she was living privately with an eating disorder that included binge eating, starvation, obsession with her body and compulsive exercise. However, she was able to hide her struggle with outward success.

“I was good at performing perfectly,” she said said Entertainment tonight on September 2. “I was good at controlling myself. I could party all night, drink, smoke and do shit, and still show up the next day and get good grades.”

While Washington was able to “handle” the party with the school, it was the food that “took.” [her] out.”

“The body dysmorphia, the body hatred, it was out of my control,” she said ET. “And it really made me feel like I needed help from someone or something bigger than me or that I was in trouble. Because I don’t know how to live with this and I could feel like the abuse was a way to hurt me, like I didn’t really want to be here and it scared me that I couldn’t want to be here because I was in so much pain.”

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The actress shared that today she is in a much better place in her relationship with food.

“I’ve learned that, for me, food is one of the tools that I sometimes choose to feel better and that it may not be a great tool or it may not be an effective tool,” she shared. “I’ve learned to have other tools in my toolbox, but sometimes they’re still an option.”

Washington continued, “So, I think my relationship with food and my body is constantly evolving; [where] I work a lot because I want to have a lot of peace in that area, but I think some days are better than others. But no day is as bad as it once was.”

Kerry Washington also wrote about anxiety and panic attacks in her memoir.

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In his memoir, Washington also writes about the nightly anxiety he endured, starting when he was just 7 years old. Oprah Daily an excerpt published from the book.

“They manifested first as a rhythm of anxiety circling my brain, then evolved into a rapid throb, a swirling frenzy of metallic banging, like those nauseating old rides at a country fair,” the actress wrote of her. panic attacks.

To learn more about Kerry Washington’s struggles and triumphs with her eating disorder and anxiety, pick up a copy Denser than wateravailable now.

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