Kelsea Ballerini says her new EP is ‘really close to my heart and chest’: ‘I feel a huge responsibility to make it as honest as possible’

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After her divorce, Kelsea Balleriniis letting his songs do the talking on his new EP, ‘Rolling Up the Welcome Mat’.

The blonde, 29, released Subject to changes in September 2022, but this new set of tracks, released in February, details how far she’s come since her split from Morgan Evans.

“You know, the album came out in September, but it was finished way before the year. And so it marks my life from 26 to 28 and you hear a lot of that in the songs. In those years, there was so much self-reflection and inwardness and type of evaluation of my relationships with myself and with the people in my life. A lot has happened since I finished that record, of course. And so this EP feels like a sister project,” the country star said Guilt magazine.

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Along with the songs, Ballerini has released six videos related to what was going through.

“I’ve written video treatments before. I’ve written the treatment for ‘Miss Me More’ and ‘Heartfirst’ but I’ve never really been what it said, this is how I need it to look, this is the exact metaphor, this is how to color all that stuff.For this short, I wrote it from start to finish and I send it to Patrick Tracy and I was like, ‘Will you help me bring this to life?’ It was great. I obviously think this project is really close to my heart and close to my chest, so I feel a huge responsibility to make it as honest as possible,” she said.

He added, “I think songwriting is just how I process my life and so on a lot of life happened. I feel like I’m able to rely on this during life’s big moments and the changes have been consistent for me since I started writing songs when I was 12 years old.

The “Heartfirst” singer recently performed “Blindsided” and “Penthouse” on Saturday Night Live, an accomplishment she’s quite proud of.

“SNL it’s one of those things that an artist hopes to be able to do one day because it’s so prestigious and so believable. He’s been on my bucket list since I started and it’s pretty amazing that he’s aligning right now with this new music,” she stated.

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Though she’s accomplished so much, the Tennessee native has other goals she hopes to surpass.

“I want to win a Grammy. I love the glittery side of what I have to do, but at the end of the day, I’m a songwriter and I’m in the studio and making records, you know, it’s my job. And I think certain things like getting SNL or get a Grammy, those are things that fill that jar, but not the glitter jar. This is really important to me,” she said.

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