Jordan criticizes Israeli plans for Gaza

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In an official diplomatic letter on October 14, Jordan expressed concern over possible Israeli actions that could lead to further displacement of Palestinians, warning that such a move could plunge the region into a wider conflict.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ajman Safadi expressed his concern about Israel’s actions in Gaza. He criticized Israel for obstructing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the area and forcing residents to flee their homes due to military attacks. Szafadi described these actions as “flagrant” violations of international law.

The Jordanian diplomat stressed that any attempt by Israel to evict more Palestinians could push the region into the “abyss” of expanding the conflict.

Jordan has consistently condemned Hamas’ terrorist attacks, but the country has consistently stood up for the observance of international law and respect for human rights in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cover photo: Jordanian Foreign Minister Ájman Szafadi. Photo credit: Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.

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