Joe Biden vetoed the top contender for the post of NATO Secretary General – he leaked why he did it

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According to the paper, Biden vetoed Wallace’s appointment because

the United Kingdom announced without Washington’s approval that it would begin training Ukrainian pilots for F-16 fighter jets.

Of course To Rishi Sun during the British prime minister’s visit to Washington, he also lobbied strongly for his minister to be the runner-up.

But without Washington’s support, Wallace announced his plans to train Ukrainian pilots and create an international coalition to arm Ukraine with American-made F-16 fighter jets. With this, all hopes of the British minister to win the approval of NATO’s leading power for his appointment as NATO Secretary General have vanished.

Great Britain itself does not have F-16s, they would have been handed over to Ukraine from other countries joining the initiative.

This was not the first time that London has made a large-scale announcement to get the United States to join.

Joe Biden reportedly Ursula von der Leyent, President of the European Commission, former German Defense Minister supports him as NATO Secretary General. Jens Stoltenberg the mandate of the current Secretary General was extended by one year, so that von der Leyen could win the post after her task as EC President ends.

By far the largest military force in NATO is the United States. While the military leader of the alliance is nominated by Washington, the secretary general comes from European countries.

Cover photo: British Defense Minister Ben Wallace. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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