Joe Biden in trouble: charges were brought against his son for illegal carrying of weapons

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THE Reuters reminded that

it is the first indictment of a child of a sitting president in American history.

Hunter Biden father of affairs Joe Biden they may also affect your re-election chances.

The indictment, filed in federal court in the state of Delaware, consists of three counts and David Weissthe prosecutor who has been leading various investigations against the president’s son since 2018, has indicated that additional charges for tax crimes are possible in Washington or California, where Hunter Biden lives.

The basis for the charge of illegal possession of weapons is that Hunter Biden falsely filled out the form required for such cases while purchasing a handgun, a Colt Cobra type pistol, in the state of Delaware in October 2018, and claimed that he was not a regular drug user or drug addict.

Under US law, such persons are prohibited from possessing firearms.

The existence of a gun case involving Hunter Biden was first reported in 2021 by Fox News, citing a police report from October 2018, according to which the gun in the indictment was found in a dumpster.

Special prosecutor David Weiss, who previously led the investigation as a federal prosecutor, made a plea deal with Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys in June of this year, based on which the president’s son would have avoided prison if he pleaded guilty to two minor tax crimes, i.e. failing to pay $100,000 in taxes twice. As part of the deal, the prosecutor would have waived the indictment of the gun possession and the court hearing, as part of a so-called preventive procedure.

The judge rejected the plea deal in July, citing its unusual nature, particularly the stipulation that Hunter Biden could not be tried in any other case in the future.

Hunter Biden is also a key player in the investigation by congressional Republicans, which is aimed at the circumstances under which members of the Biden family – according to documents – received more than 20 million dollars from foreign businesses, including Ukraine, partly at the time when Joe Biden was also responsible for Ukrainian affairs he was vice president, and his son is a board member of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

On Tuesday, the president of the lower house of Congress, the House of Representatives with a Republican majority, Kevin McCarthy initiated a preliminary investigation leading to the procedure for removing the president from office – impeachment – on the grounds that the investigations so far substantiate the suspicion of abuse of office.

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