Ivana Trump’s Bedminster burial site might be a secret tax windfall, experts say

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Ivana Trump’s Bedminster burial site might be a secret tax windfall, experts say
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Ivana Trump’s Bedminster burial site might be a secret tax windfall, experts say

The gravesite for Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s ex-wife who passed away last month, could mean a tax windfall for the former president, who owns the New Jersey golf course on which she is buried.

Ivana Trump, who was buried in Bedminster, a New Jersey township home to the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, died of blunt impact injuries at 73 after falling down a staircase in her Manhattan home last month. The New York Post reported that her funeral was held “not too far from the main clubhouse.”

According to ProPublica, the Trump family trust previously worked to establish a non-profit funeral business in Hackettstown, New Jersey, located just twenty miles from Ivana Trump’s gravesite. That business, if operational, is “exempt from the payment of any real estate taxes, rates and assessments or personal property taxes on lands and equipment dedicated to cemetery purposes,” according to the New Jersey tax code. However, reports suggest that by burying his ex-wife on the course, Trump might be able to reclassify his golf course as a cemetery, qualifying the estate for those same exemptions.

For over a decade, the former president has planned to build a cemetery on the grounds of the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, as Insider noted. In 2007, Trump told the New York Post that he wanted to be laid to rest in the “beautiful land” of Bedminster. In 2012, NPR reported that Trump had been approved by the city’s town council to build his own 500-grave mausoleum. The former president’s original blueprints, which included “four imposing obelisks,” were reportedly shot down after city officials deemed his plans “overwhelming and garish,” The Washington Post reported. Since then, Trump has reportedly augmented the project into a “10 plot-private family cemetery,” later deciding that it would accommodate as many as 284. Despite these changes, the memorial park has never materialized.

Following news of Ivana Trump’s gravesite, reportedly in close proximity to the first tee, numerous experts postulated that the former president might be receiving tax advantages for choosing to bury his ex-wife on his golf club.

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