It was revealed which sector made the most of the Gábor Baross Reindustrialization Loan Program

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As part of the Gábor Baross Reindustrialization Loan Program, 2,174 loan applications were received by the end of June, worth HUF 1,231 billion, of which HUF 579 billion were investment (including leasing) and HUF 652 billion were loan applications for current assets.

Within the framework of the HUF 1,000 billion Loan Program, the approved
loans reach HUF 839 billion, contracted loans reach HUF 641 billion,

while HUF 382 billion was disbursed. The 600 billion working capital credit line is practically exhausted, It shows 94% utilization – read the statement.

Looking at the transaction numbers, it can be established that 99% of loan applications are refinancing comes in through partners (93% based on loan amount). The involvement of partners helps to ensure that the Credit Program is available in the widest possible range in accordance with the needs arising in various segments of the economy.

The contracted customers

  • 68% can be attributed to for the micro and SME sector,
  • 40.6% of it for the manufacturing industry,
  • 31.7% of it for trade and vehicle repair,
  • and 7.5% for the agricultural, forestry and fishing sectors.

Examining new loan agreements, the Loan Program now plays a decisive role in new corporate loan placements. In the framework of the Credit Program, more than HUF 200 billion in March, HUF 240 billion in April, in May, contracts worth around HUF 80 billion were signed.

Meanwhile, the domestic banking system as a whole granted new investment and working capital loans in the amount of nearly HUF 280 billion in March, nearly HUF 400 billion in April, and HUF 283 billion in May,

thus, more than half of the new loan agreements concluded in Hungary were the loan agreements concluded within the framework of the Gábor Baross Újraiporizósícii Hitelprogramme.

In these three months, within the new loan agreement denominated in forints, this ratio was even higher, the loans of the Gábor Baross Újraiparosizácii Hitelprogram exceeded two-thirds of the contracted volume.

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