It was not possible to make Berlin climate-neutral sooner

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Although 98 percent of the votes were processed, there were more supporters of the proposal than its opponents, but only one of the conditions for the validity of the referendum was fulfilled. The other is that at least 25 percent of voters entitled to a referendum must support the proposal, no longer.

According to the latest data, 423,000 people supported bolder climate protection goals against 405,000. At the same time, at least 608,000 yes votes were needed for validity.

The aim of the referendum proposed by the environmental protection association Klimaneustart (Climate Restart) was for the German capital to commit to achieving climate neutrality by 2030 instead of the national target of 2045.

Germany previously undertook to achieve climate neutrality by 2045, which means that the country’s greenhouse gas emissions will not exceed the amount that natural or other carbon sinks could handle. For this, emissions from cars, airplanes, heating systems, power plants, and industrial producers must be reduced by 95 percent compared to the 1990 level.

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