It has been announced that an emergency government and a war cabinet will be formed in Israel

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Beni Ganc, who was previously chief of staff and then defense minister, will be a member of the government.

The war cabinet consists of three politicians: Benjamin Netanyahu, Beni Ganc and Joav Gallant Secretary of Defense.

Netanyahu and Gantz agreed that

they will not pass laws or make decisions that are not related to war.

It also means that the implementation of the controversial judicial reform is suspendedwhich created great division in the country.

The expected formation of the national unity government was announced on Tuesday.

Yair Lapid opposition leader already indicated on Saturday, the day of the attack by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, that he would be willing to form a unity government with Netanyahu. The prime minister then offered Lapid and Ganc to join an emergency unity government.

It is not known whether Lapid and his party, Van Jövő, will join the emergency government.

Cover image source: MTI/AP/Richard Drew

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