Israel admitted: they deployed the Iron Fist in the Gaza Strip

By RockedBuzz 1 Min Read

The weapon was used to assist the Maglan particular operations squad working in Gaza City in road combating.

Vasfullánk is a really fashionable 120 millimeter mortar system, put into service by the Israeli forces final 12 months. Its peculiarity is that, in contrast to most mortar methods, it’s a guided weapon outfitted with a GPS-based target-finding system, which may ship a success with excessive accuracy. Most of those mortar methods function from an M113 troop provider, so they are basically self-propelled.

There have been rumors in the previous about the use of the Iron Choke in opposition to the IDF in Gaza, however that is the first time the pressure has formally confirmed this.

Cover picture credit score: Ahmad Hasaballah/Getty Images. The cowl picture is an illustration.

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