Is the Galvani bridge still not built?

By RockedBuzz 1 Min Read

According to the newly published draft, the Ministry of Construction and Transport headed by János Lázár would freeze 4 investments in the capital, which are as follows:

  • Development of the Ferencváros C branch – Upper Kőbánya – Rákos – Rákosliget and the Rákos – Gyömrő railway line,
  • Construction and development of the Budapest outer ring railway stops (Pestújhely, Újpalota, Rákosfalva, Rákosszentmihály) and the Albertfalva (40a) stop.
  • New Danube Bridge (Galvani Bridge) and related transport infrastructure preparation in Budapest.
  • Improving the accessibility of South Buda Center (DBC).

In addition, 3 more rural investments would be suspended:

  • The Debrecen velodrome,
  • Hortobágy Deportations Memorial,
  • as well as the development of the Recski National Memorial Park.

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