Is North Korea preparing for a nuclear missile test?

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White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan expressed concern on Sunday that North Korea may conduct another intercontinental ballistic missile test. Sullivan shared her fears in an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation, saying that she had been worried for some time that North Korea conducts its seventh nuclear test. Although there is no direct indication of this, Sullivan said it would not be surprising if North Korea decided to test their latest intercontinental ballistic missile.

This concern is not unfounded, as North Korea launched two short-range missiles off the country’s east coast in June – an incident that coincided with Sullivan’s meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts in Tokyo, thei further increased the tension. A representative of North Korea’s Ministry of Defense previously stated that military exercises carried out by South Korea and the United States increase military tensions in the region. The MP also warned that their forces would respond “to any provocation by the enemy“.

UN Security Council

has banned North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs in several resolutions,

the opposition to it for sanctions led against the country.

Source: Reuters

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