Is Blockbuster Coming Back? Here’s what the site says

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Could Blockbuster be ready for a comeback? Curious minds want to know after a cryptic message was discovered on the brand’s official website.

If you go to, you’ll see a single sentence just below the telltale “Blockbuster” logo: “We’re working on rewinding your movie.” The mobile version of the site has a different message: “Be kind while we rewind.”

For those born after the turn of the century, the tease message is a callback to the “Be nice, rewind” glory days of the legendary video rental chain, where many of us old folks spent countless hours gilding islands lined with VHS boxes .

Blockbuster’s website isn’t the only sign of activity from the nearly dormant brand, with Blockbuster’s regularly updated Twitter feed about this month’s financial turmoil. “New business idea: We will come back as a bank and use VHS and DVD as currency,” reads the recent tweet.

So, what is the problem? Is Blockbuster about to wake up from his long slumber?

Before we get too excited, we should note that the “new” message on the Blockbuster website may have been posted for months, with dates his arrival to November.

THE The Blockbuster brand is now owned by Dish Networkwhich raised the name in 2011 for $320 million.

That might sound like a lot, but back in 1994, when physical video rental was still a thing, Blockbuster was valued at a staggering $8.4 billionwith the company operating more than 2,800 physical locations worldwide.

The global number of Blockbuster stores is now (notoriously) down to a single location in Bend, Oregon. That shop served as inspiration for a short-lived series on Netflixwho was once the David of Blockbuster’s Goliath.

As of now, there’s no indication whether the postings on are just for fun or actually the start of a new venture, hopefully something more imaginative than just a cookie-cutter streaming site with an old name. recognizable.

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