Iran’s drone development has reached a new level: they have combined the favorite pickup of every separatist movement with their star weapon

By RockedBuzz 2 Min Read

The video that also appears on X shows it as soon as it happens a dozen Toyota Tundra pickups are marching along a road in remarkably good condition, with the dreaded suicide drones on their platform. The footage also included one car “launching” its drone, although interestingly this took place at a different time of the day, at a completely different time of the day, from a camera angle from which the launch itself is unfortunately not visible.

Nowadays, it has become a kind of running joke that if an armed conflict breaks out in the developing world, the pickups of the Japanese factory will definitely appear there, usually with some kind of extra weaponry, most often loaded with heavy machine guns.

By the way, it is far from impossible that an Iranian Saheed could be climbed onto a flatbed SUVsince the weapon rises into the air from a very short launch rail anyway, which can actually fit on a Tundra.

Cover image illustration, source: alxpin via Getty Images

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